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Each year, SODA students successfully complete a range of courses at UNM Valencia. Early College High School is a bridge in obtaining an Associate degree and a wonderful opportunity for motivated students to take college classes while still in high school. Taking a college class is one of the best ways to learn about what it is really like to be a college student.

Why should you consider pursuing Early College High School? It is an opportunity that provides many benefits by allowing you to:

  • Get a jump start on college
  • Save money! Dual credit classes are tuition free!
  • Prepare for certification in a variety of career fields
  • Complete Arts and Science courses for transfer to four year state institutions
  • Enjoy smaller classes and personalized attention from faculty
  • Enrich your life by exploring programs not available at your high school
  • Meet new friends who share your interests
  • Earn elective credits at the same time
  • For each 3-4 credit hour college course you will earn 1 high school elective credit
  • For every 1-2 credit hour college course you will earn .5 high school elective credits
  • If your high school schedule allows, you may enroll in more than 1 class each term

The School of Dreams Academy offers a wide array of concurrent courses, in which students can earn high school and college credit simultaneously. Students may take the UNM Accuplacer assessment in the Fall or Spring to determine their eligibility for English 110 or Math 120. SODA admiinsters the test to SODA students at the Early College High School office or students can also test at UNM Valencia campus. Students who are eligible may enroll in the English 110 (Composition) course or the Math 120 course, both of which are taught Online by UNM professors with support, reinforcement and additional teaching provided by School of Dreams Academy instructional staff.


School of Dreams Academy is offering screenings and evaluations to preschool-aged children between three to five years of age who may have a delay in one or more of the following areas: cognition, hearing, speech, language, self-help motor skills, social-emotional and/or vision.

Any parent/guardian who may have concerns regarding their child’s development may call 505-866-7632 to make an appointment for screening. If a child fails the screening in one or more areas, the Child Find Team will schedule a comprehensive assessment.


A work-study program provides an important step in the educational process by assisting students to make smoother transitions from high school into the workforce. This allows them a better chance of becoming employed and in meeting personal long-range goals.

Benefits of a part-time job in the Work-Study Program

  • You can work on or off campus.
  • You cannot work during scheduled class times.
  • You can gain work experience and contacts that look impressive on a resume.
  • You can find a job in your area of study.


The Graduate SODA Program is for students that are looking to finishing their educational requirements to earn their High School Diploma. The course work is designed to help studentas close the “Graduation GAP” in New Mexico but still provide challenging critical thinking skills to prepare students for higher learning enviroment. Students will be empowered with Knowledge, Understsnding & Sucess Skillls to become productive and responsible citizens. Program hours: 9am-7pm, Mon-Fri.

The Credit Recovery Program creates opportunities for student success by giving students confidence to pursue their goals, providing flexible pacing and schedules of instruction, adapting styles, providing extra practice and communicating feedback to students. Students can work closely with teachers either individually or in small groups to complete coursework or credits required to graduate. While the environment and classroom has a set routine, the connection between the teachers and the students are strong. Students are motivated by their success as individuals and as a group. Modifications are also made on an individual student level.

Students with Individual Educational Plans, (IEP’s) or students who are classified as Special Education need very specific accommodations and modifications in order to successfully address their learning needs. Parent participation is absolutely encouraged. The teachers have an open door policy with parents, and they are welcome at anytime. Phone calls and e-mails are also very common communication tools in addition to providing detailed reports such as student progress or grade reports.

Monday – Friday: 9am to 7:00 pm

Call Us: 505-866-7632