Taylor Rolan

"This is a practical learning environment and that the information that I am learning in class I can go home and put it to use."

- Taylor Rolan, Class of 2023

Skylaar Aragon

"SODA has taught me to take in serving my community which has motivated me to enlist in the Navy upon graduation."

- Skylaar Aragon, Class of 2022

Annalicia Sena

"I mostly enjoy the dual credit program at School of Dreams Academy as it has helped me in pursuing what career I want to do in the future."

- Annalicia Sena, Class of 2022

Jovany Saizar

"School of Dreams Academy gives me inspiration for what I can do for myself in the future."

- Jovany Saizar, Class of 2023

Picture of Nayeli Resendiz

I like that I was able to get a head start with dual credit classes leading me to be able to graduate from UNM VC with my Associates Degree in Business Administration.

- Nayeli Resendiz, Class of 2022

T Fisher

There are many unique classes and Dual Credit opportunities not offered at other schools. Some of the classes include a Jiu Jitsu class, a science fair class and a class to work ahead and do future credits virtually.

- Tyler Fisher, Class of 2024

Betheny Palacio-Aragon

I like that School of Dreams Academy is a diverse and small school. There are students from different cultures and backgrounds, which allows me to learn new things about students. I really appreciate that the teachers and staff here care about the well being of students.

- Betheny Palacio-Aragon, Class of 2024