Attendance Checklist

Between the dates of 9/26/22 and 9/28/22, we will administer iMSSA Assessments to our students in grades 3-8.  These assessments are important tools that help us as educators and parents to understand how our students are learning and progressing through the students academic journey. In addition, iMSSA Assessments provide insight to your students readiness - or being on track for readiness- for university and/or the workplace.

Cognia assessments are based on academic standards that reflect what your child is expected to learn for the students grade level in our schools. The assessments are untimed tests that include Reading, Language/Usage, and Mathematics.  The results from these assessments will help teachers identify the areas in which your child is doing well and  learn what additional support or instruction might be needed in other areas. The results will also help your child’s
teacher monitor students' academic growth through the school year.

You can help your child by sending your child to school each day well rested and ready to learn. We appreciate your continuing support. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child's teacher or the testing coordinator to discuss how you or the school staff can help your child do their best.